Did you hear? Our beloved Tietze Parkis getting a new pool. Over the years, there have been many proposalsto close the pool like was done at so many of Dallas’ other parks.But overwhelming neighborhood opposition coordinated by the Friendsof Tietze Park Foundation convinced the city otherwise. However, theaging pool is in need of updating.

The footprint of the new pool area willbe only slightly larger than the current pool. The old pool will becompletely removed and replaced by three new water features. Therewill be a four-lane lap pool for races and exercise mindedindividuals. A children’s play-pool will have a “zero-entry” andsprays. The third feature is a water-slide. In addition to the waterfeatures, the entire pavilion area around the pool is getting are-do. Don’t panic though! The original stone footprint will remain,the re-do is interior. There will be a new concession stand, officeand restrooms. The pavilion area will still be available. New fencingwill be installed around the area.

And in a city which talks about newprojects more than it implements them, the good news here is that thefunding is already in place. Construction is expected to begin inFall 2018 and be completed by summer 2019.